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Magdalena Żuk-zagadkowa śmierć w Egipcie.Ostatnie nagranie-oryginał

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Magdalena Żuk ze Zgorzelca zmarła w niewyjaśnionych okolicznościach w szpitalu w egipskim kurorcie Hurghada. Wiadomo, że bezpośrednią przyczyną śmierci były rany głowy, klatki piersiowej, nóg i rąk. Jak na razie oficjalnie nikt nie podaje okoliczności, w których mogło dojść do tragedii.Materiał nagrany przez chłopaka Magdaleny Marcusa.Film ten ma za zadanie pomóc w rozwiązaniu zagadkowej śmierci Magdy i być przestrogą dla kobiet i młodzieży chcących podróżować samotnie po świecie.Spoczywaj w pokoju Magdo.Jest nowy nagranie na temat Magdaleny w moich filmach.Film wyemitowany przez fakty Polsat.

Default Polish girl raped and killed in Egypt during holidays
Wstrząsające zdjęcia Magdaleny Żuk zrobione w hotelu

Magdalena Żuk went to Egypt for holidays. She decided to go alone because her boyfriend's passport has expired. She bought holidays for both as a birthday gift for her boyfriend. 

It looks like just few hours after arriving she was given some sort of a drug and then she was taken to her hotel and was rapped by locals, among whom was probably hotel service and employee of Rainbow Tours (holiday operator company from Poland - the one she bought holidays from).

She was seen in a very bad condition in her hotel, laying on the floor and half conscious. Ukrainian women from hotel service said she was most likely raped as she saw Magdalena first hand. 

Hotel service called Egyptian police and together with employee of Rainbow Tours they took Magdalena to the hospital however, they hospital refused to take care of her as they don't deal with "psychical problems".

During that time Magdalena's family was contacted and after some back and forth they decided to send her back to Poland. They took her to airport however, airlines refused to take her on board saying that she might need special care during the flight. 

At this point control over her was taken by Egyptian police. She was driven from one hotel to another without possibility to use her mobile phone. The only communication that was possible was through mobile phone owned by Rainbow Tours employee Mahmoud Khairy (yes, he is from "there"). 

Mahmoud Khairy was using mms to send pictures of Magdalena laying on hotel room floors, but that was the only communication he did with her friends (no words). 

After a couple of hours, using Mahmoud Khairy's mobile phone she called her boyfriend (video call). She was in a very bad shape (see video - her boyfriend speak to her), and definitely too scared to explain what has happened. It looks like she couldn't speak because of fear. But she said some important words that somehow explaining her situation:

"This is all for nothing", "I can't speak", "I won't comeback", "I'm sorry", "Please take me from here", "They have their tricks here".

After that call she was taken to another hospital in Hurghada where she was "taken care of". Official statement is that she jumped out of the hospital window. Magdalena died.


Rainbow Tours tour operator officially says that Magdalena had mental problems. The same comes from Egyptian police and Hotel representatives. Polish embassy in Egypt did nothing and didn't give any meaningful official statement.

As it turned out, Magdalena is just one of many victims that were raped or abused in Egypt (read more in Internet). The most horrible part however, is that Egyptian police, hotel owners, Polish tour operator and even Polish gov are holding the same view, that is they insisting on Magdalena's mental illness. Simply they want to force this version of events because it's the only one that will give them peace of mind. 

As we know Egypt makes money thanks to tourists. If not tourism Egypt would be a dead duck. So they take a lot of care to cover up any possible events that could cause them bad PR. They are going as far as monitoring their hotel guests social media profiles, looking for any bad PR that might come up in comments and pictures. They did this to one Pole after terrorist attacks in one of Egyptian hotels. He posted on his FB profile message saying that he is worried about lack of safety in his Hotel, he made some pictures also. How did he and up? Well, he was taken to jail for 36 hours without food and water, in one cage with those bastards. Also, he was told that he is a bigger threat to Egypt than regular terrorists because by his actions (posting on FB) he is destroying Egypt.

Polish gov is now starting investigation, but I'm 99% sure it will settle up on Magdalena's mental problems. 

I know she was stupid going there alone, and even more stupid was her boyfriend. But still, she was just a white girl and quite pretty and she was used and killed by goat (expletive deleted). And all of this with agreement of Egyptian services and even Polish gov. Business is business right?

Anyway, don't go to Egypt. Let those (expletive deleted) die in there. Want holidays? Go to Hungary, Check Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, hell even Poland. 

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