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The Year Where 4Chan Won


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2016 has been a crazy ride, where fiction became reality. reddit vs 4chan meme war will never be forgotten,the ted cruz shills called applied memetics llc and hillary clinton shills called correct the record. thank god they are gone.

in video order
-reddit planning to make bernie a ron paul ripoff meme
-mde in adult swim
-netflix tv show narcos talking about los pepes gang
-/pol/ appearing in dnc convention
-kawaii singing group endorsing trump
-alex jones receiving traffic from meme sites
-john oliver saying fuck the current year
-chris g finally winning evo/ a new challenger appears
-evo 2016 hype/ capcom cup with 2 americans as finalists
-/bb/ big brother manages to evict neeley over scott daddy and btfos black twitter
-avgn tells people to not give ghostbusters your money
-/k/ (and /his/) baneposts in jamar protest
-leslie jones gets triggered by donkey kongs memes
-hulk hogan wins case in the same day of an eagle being born
-anonymous doing the sam hyde twitter joke
-real cucks offended/ anti trump pac tries to make cuck a postive thing
-indians declaring trump the protector of mankind
-cant stump the trump chant/ trump almost saying it
-jeb bush
-reddit angry about trump throwing bernie people to the cold/kinsey saying send em back
-sanders subreddit getting shutdown (the end of a meme war)
-trump doing smug pepe
-palmer luckey funding memes
-trump beats the pope
-/pol/ awakens tay and gets shutdown by microsoft
-ben shapiro reading jew memes
-taiwanese news animators reporting on 4chan
-trump acknowledges his internet people
-/pol/ gets a movie
-alex jones hires cuckslayer
-reddit is wrong about brexit
-bill wilson appears in turkish coup
-/sg/ helps drone a location
-trump gets endorsed by boss nigger
-larry wilmore gets cancelled
-malik obama names the jew
-weeboo helps the police
-lolis and ben garrison appears in trump rally/ben garrison talks with alex jones
-trump tweets and EA shuts down fanmade video called trump effect
-alex jones crashes young turks
-john (twink with boipucci) survives chicago trump cancelled rally riot/ appears in milo march
-trump shitposter trolls ted cruz
-ghost returns and wages war against the lefties
-cnn talks about my little pony
-fake anonymous tries to scam people
-rick wilson bashes animelovers/asuka wearing a trump hat on a jewish newspaper
-anime is real
-randomyoko japanese supporter
-draft our daughters campaign
-mega sign at trump speech/ kayla and woke blackman appearing in infowars
-snl mentioning 4chan and reddit
-taylor swift the aryan goddess
-mel gibson makes a comeback
-trump wwe style entrance
-leo finally wins oscar
-dorito pope btfos konami/ guillermo del toro says fuck konami
-cubs winning confirms trump presidency
-gabe appears on japan tv
-chris hansen returns
-Reviewbrah talking about joeyworldtour on cnn
-kek kills castro
-aj styles gets john cena to fuck off
-cm punk getting btfo
-phelps winning again in olympics
-ronda rousey btfo, connor winning the second belt.
-hol up
-/tv/ gets a brazzer porno (and another)
-/bb/ wins against black twitter and the waifus survives the race war
-the beginning of the destruction of pepe
-donald trump subreddit/taking over reddit
-bernstein obsession with 4chan
-hillary alt right speech/ the death of pepe normie status
-singer artist cher gets triggered by pepe/ clint eastwood uses pepe
-adl makes pepe a hate symbol
-trump wins presidency
-nigel and trump/marion le pen and natalia poklonskaya
-trump and west
-katrina pierson thanks reddit and 4chan
-trump is times person of the year
-pepe the frog is the most influential character in the same times magazine


-rip harambe
-press s to spit on correct the record grave

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